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Odyssey in Oz
The Doom and Gloom Girls go on their reTREAT
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29th-Nov-2006 07:09 am - Modesty is for the stupid
<lj user="zimona">
I found photos! Old photos! They were already uploaded to Photobucket, so that's uber convenient.

What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?Collapse )
<lj user="zimona">
Hello old neglected journal. Did you miss me?

Wow, so we've been doing a large abundance of nothing lately. Posting, catching up on the TI forum, watching Buffy and listening to music. Woo! Excitement plus. It's kinda been too hot to do much else.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to say that we do have ONE photo uploaded now, and I think you may find it amusing, or perhaps even hideous. Whatever! It's all the same to me. :P

Once upon a time...Collapse )

We've finally got all the photos uploaded to Jess's computer and my external harddrive -- now it's just a case of sorting through them all. Meh! Too many photos! -Falls over.-

Be kind to your mother; contradict me!
22nd-Nov-2006 11:04 am - You talkin' Turkey!
<lj user="zimona">
Hmm, where to start?

We left Warrnambool on Sunday and drove about 2 hours to a place called Hall's Gap. This place is so secluded! It's among mountains and billions of gum trees -- half of which were burnt at the start of the year in a massive bushfire. Approximately 47% of the Grampians National Park went up in smoke. But because of that the trees are now re-growing and are mega-fuzzy with new green shoots. Nature sure is resilient.

Anyway, we got to Hall's Gap and we were slightly concerned (or at least I was) because it was 4pm and we hadn't organised any accommodation yet. We went to the Information Centre and the lady there rang the first backpacker place we found a brochure for -- and they had one spare twin room left! Suhweet! The place was really modern, and not only that, it was kinda like a cabin. There were two rooms full of bunks, as well as our twin room, a lounge/living room and a kitchen -- and we had it all to ourselves! It was cheap too. We totally struck gold there.

Once we'd settled a bit we browsed the main street and, of course, bought icecream. It's a small town with only about 10 shops, but it was pretty and cosy and would've been quiet if not for the constant screech of the cockatoos. We watched "James Dean" again (starring James Franco), which Jess had bought a few days earlier. Then did very very little until our eyes dropped.

The next day we reluctantly left the SuperCabin and drove through more mountaneous windy roads and arrived in Horsham. The first place we went to in this city? Why, McDonalds, of course! With the Maccas fix over and done with we started the hour and a half journey home. We got in at about 4pm and chatted to my folks for a while before catching up on the happenings of the Net. We are slaves to to so many vices! Net, McDonalds, icecream, chocolate, etc.

Anyway, it was both great and sad to be back home. I went into super-depression mode for a while there, but I'm over it now. We're even thinking of heading to Sydney for a few days before Jess flies back home, so that'd be something to look forward to... if we can afford it.

Expect photos sometime soon. ;) We took a lot, so they might take a while to sort out and resize, but they'll be up eventually.
18th-Nov-2006 02:30 am - Someday you'll be a Big Mac
<lj user="zimona">

I haven't updated for ages, which is kinda weird. We spent a lot of the last week in Melbourne, crashing at my brother's house. (Thanks, Derek!) We looked through the city, caught random trams, considered going to see some Shakespeare, watched street performers and a Christmas Parade as well as eating out at a few places. The weather was for the majority good until it turned cold on the last day. Brr! Also, we saw two movies -- The Departed and The Wrong Man (Lucky Number Slevin), both of which were surprising and enjoyable.

Thursday we drove to Ballarat and actually went to see The Prestige (be proud of us, Erin!). Before that we'd gone to Kryal Castle, which is a fake copy of a real castle. We held an eagle! So cool. Then yesterday we went to Soveriegn Hill which is an old interpretation of the Gold Rush era, with old-style shops and such. We dressed up as old tarts in dresses and got out photos taken. XD

We were gonna head to Hall's Gap and the Grampians from there, but the weather was so nice that we decided to head back down the Great Ocean Road. We stayed in Lorne again last night and we visited a few of the attractions we saw last week, only now we've seen them under more light. We're in Warrnambool again now, staying in the same stinky backpackers, and we're heading to Hall's Gap tomorrow, yay! We should be home either Monday or Tuesday.

Running out of time, gotta vanish

10th-Nov-2006 07:35 pm - Seriously, dude, you need a haircut!
<lj user="zimona">

So last time I updated we had just arrived in Geelong, I think. The first afternoon - as a lot of you know - we spent in a Net cafe. LOL. We're such geeks. But the Net cafe was great -- cheap, it had Yahoo and it was fast. We may or may not have spent over 3 hours there that day. >.>

That night we spent a bit of time in the Irish pub we were staying at. The people were extremely friendly and of course a little drunk. They even had a little band there playing some Irish diddies (is that the right word?). I tried Guinness -- and hated it. Yuech! How can people drink that stuff? I'm truly not a beer drinker. I soon settled for a Smirnoff Ice, because at least you can't taste so much badness when you drink that. Hee!

Yesterday morning we took a look at the Geelong Botanical Gardens (be-yoo-ti-ful!) and the foreshore, which was supersweet because they had a curved jetty/boardwalk that enclosed a swimming area. It was very well done and very pretty. After that we filled the tires of the car (they were getting dangerously low, even though I'd filled them up before reTREAT. Huh?) and took off for Melbourne. The drive was easy until I got in the city, and then it was a little tedious. I managed not to crash though, so yay! We arrived in Melbourne way before my brother got off work, so we sat around in a park reading books (poetry and Shakespeare -- how girly!). My brother's wife finally got home, and she let us and we discussed our plans for today. Then my brother arrived home and we went out for dinner/tea at a flash fish and chip restaurant -- I had garlic prawns for the first time. I'm so not a seafood person. Btw, for the Aussies, that restaurant is owned by James Herd, who is a footy player for Essendon. After that we went to Cold Rock, which is the bestest icecream place in the world. I think I may have mentioned it before, but in case I haven't, it's a place where you can mix any type of icecream with almost any kind of chocolate or fruit. They mash it all together and put it in a tub for you. It's fantastic! And I still have some left... mmm.

Today all we've done so far is discuss James Franco's hair a lot and finally got out of bed. We're planning to head into the city of Melbourne though, once we're showered and such.

Yep, that's about it!

8th-Nov-2006 11:29 pm - b'DUH
<lj user="zimona">

That greeting would be so appropriate if I was in Hawaii, but alas, I am not.

Yesterday Jess and I settled down in Torquay and we got the "honeymoon suite" of the backpackers, rofl -- meaning we got the top-most room with a cool view. The place looked like beach huts! Super cool. (I love beach huts!) We didn't do much other than check out the Bells Beach, look at some surf/skate shops (Billabong, Quicksilver, Element, Rip Curl, etc) then eat some MacDonalds. MacDonalds stays in business solely because of me and Jess, I swear!

We had a quiet night doing roleplay posts and today, after checking out the information centre, we drove to Geelong. This is yet another coastal city and it's beautiful here because the sun's out for once! It's a miracle! Not only that, but Geelong has this awesome Net cafe with Yahoo Messenger access. What a shame no one's online. :| You're supposed to be online after LOST, grr!

We did a little shopping earlier, but we don't have many plans for the rest of the afternoon. We've got accommodation in an Irish Pub that has a live band tonight, so that should be interesting!

Dreading driving into Melbourne tomorrow. I have to follow my brother's directions, so wish me luck!

7th-Nov-2006 11:47 pm - And down we fall...
<lj user="zimona">

So, last place we were at was Apollo Bay. From there we drove through the Otway Ranges and to a place called the Otway Fly. If you're scared of heights don't read on, lol. Nah, it's cool. We went along this walk that starts out at ground level and then takes you up some metal platformed ramps (the floor is a grill you can see through). It was originally 9 metres above the ground and it worked its way up to 25 metres. Luckily this path has high sides or there's no way you'd get me up there! After suprisingly almost no encouragement at all I followed Jess up a huge circular staircase that took us 45 metres above the ground. The platform wobbled. But we were amongst the treetops of a rainforest, so it was breathtakingly beautiful. We got some cool video and photos up there.

After that we drove inland to a small city called Colac to fully take advantage of their MacDonalds (Yay Cheeseburgers and McFlurrys!) then went down another windy road (all roads are windy around here) to the coast again. We soon stopped at a waterfall and there Jess and I both saw our first koala!! He was all wild and eating from a tree before he took off down the hill. Spiffy! We then stopped at a small caravan park and discovered that if we held seed in our palms a ton of brightly-coloured parrots would come and feed from the seed. It was amazing! And these were wild birds -- it wasn't a sanctuary. Then we drove up a windy road and saw another 5 or so koalas, one with a baby. Sooo cool.

We stayed the night in Lorne in a beautiful backpackers up on a hill with well-developed trees and such. Today we've been to see three waterfalls (I can't remember their names. One was Tower Falls, I think) then we drove to Torquay which is the Surf Capital of Australia. It has Surf shops everywhere.

Gotta go. Stay gold!

6th-Nov-2006 03:13 am - Does your sheep fancy a tumble?
<lj user="zimona">
Hey one and all!

Right now we're in Apollo Bay, a coastal town on the coast of Victoria.

We've come from Port Campbell, which is pretty much a surfer's haven. On the way there we saw some spectacular scenery, mostly cliffs and beaches. The places were called Bay of Islands, Thunder Cove, and a bunch of other places we can't remember the name of, lol. I have it written down somewhere. We checked out Pt Campbell and after much fussing Jess finally bought a dress, ahaha! She was grappling over the decision to buy it for houuuuurs. XD

We left Pt Campbell early this morning and it was dreary and kinda rainy. Yay! But we trudged on and came across Loch Ard Gorge, which was really pretty and also the sight of a shipwreck (it has a really cool story behind it). The waves were so violent and the cliffs so lethal. Then we went to the 12 Apostles, which is probably the most famous attraction along the GOR. The view was magnificent, but we actually preferred Bay of Islands because it was so unexpected and unadvertised.

The drive to Apollo Bay was breath-taking with coastline, hills and rainforests enclosing around us. We checked out the town a bit then drove out to Barham River and walked to Marriner Falls through a rainforest. Talk about awesome! It was super pretty and secudled. Took lots of photos. Hopefully we'll be able to upload some photos soon, but the Internet access is kinda iffy, so we'll see.

Stay gold!
3rd-Nov-2006 11:36 pm - That bird really shat on my car!
<lj user="zimona">

When was the last time I updated? It was in Portland, right? Since then we've stayed in Port Fairy, which is a minimalist little beach town with cool views and a hippie caravan park. We didn't do much there except browse the main street then stay in the cabin as we listened to music and played cards. Gin Rummy is a cool game which I taught to Jess. Yay me!

While in Pt Fairy I finally got a book I've been trying to get for years upon years -- The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. I'm so happy about that! :D YAY! It shall never leave my side.

Between Pt Fairy and the next town/city is Tower Hill. It's actually more like a mountain that you drive into. It's an aboriginal reserve and you're driving amongst wandering kangaroos, emus, etc. It was powerfully beautiful from the top, though the stairs almost killed the calf muscles.

From there we went to Warrnambool and we're staying here for two nights. Yesterday we checked out Flagstaff Hill which is a maratime museuem meets old-fashioned village, set in the 1800s. It was cool; we got to use ink and quill pens to write a bank cheque, etc. Last night we didn't do much -- we considered seeing The Departed but we decided to save our money. Instead I wrote a roleplay post while Jess played with Photoshop.

Today we've so far driven out to a place called Hopkin Falls, which is just amazing. It's Warrnambools "mini-Niagra" and the name truly fits. It's secluded and private and just awesome.

Next we're headed to Port Campbell if we can find some accommodation. Wish us luck!
2nd-Nov-2006 12:16 pm - You gotta stop doing that!
<lj user="zimona">
Hey one and all!

I'm coming to you live from Portland, Victoria. It's a small coastal city with a pretty crappy beach, lol. Unless we just haven't found the real beach so far.

I don't have long on the Net, but I'm gonna try and do a quick recap of what we've done so far.

So, Tuesday. We spent all morning on the Internet (big surprise!) then drove half an hour to a small town called Penola. There, naturally, we had to buy icecream after visiting a few old houses (from the 1800s) on a road called Petticoat Lane. We then drove through the sleepy towns of Casterton and Colleraine and stopped at a place called Wannon Falls. Supposedly it's a waterfall (it was many years ago) but now it's barely a dribble because we have such severe drought conditions at the moment. We climbed all over the waterfall and got some good pictures that haven't been uploaded yet. Next we drove into Hamilton where we checked out both the caravan parks and found they had no spare room (bah!), so, after indulging in Pinky's Pizza, I texted an old friend of mine, Emily, and she kindly let us stay in her awesomely-fitted out house. It was getting really dark by this stage, but we still drove twenty minutes out to a place called Mount Rouse. It was freezing and practically night, but the view was still cool. (The photos sucked though).

Wednesday: We awoke early and organised our accomodation for our next stop -- Portland. Then we went swimming at the Aquatic Centre, got some lunch, checked out the Botanic Gardens (so pretty!) and drove almost an hour to Portland. Once we found our cabin park we browsed the main drag before sitting in the cabin and watching Aussie TV. Exciting, no? But what else is there to do in a small place on a Wednesday night?

Thursday: Which is today, d'uh. So far today we've been to an Information Centre to organise the next three night's accommodation. Then we browsed the other main drag, took a look at the rather ordinary beach (well, it IS ordinary! Small and bland!) then found our way here to library to use the Net. :D If this thing had a USB port I'd upload some photos, but alas it doesn't.

It's been awesome, though. Up until last night, when it rained, we had fantastic weather -- nice and sunny. It's sunny again now, so yay for that! I hope it stays that way. ;)

Hmm, yeah, that's about it for now! We'll keep you updated. ;) Maybe Jess will even write in this thing one day. XD
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